The 6 Star Home Energy Rating process explained

We use specialised software (firstrate5) which has been designed to determine the thermal comfort of all new dwellings, existing dwellings and dwellings that have been altered.
Using the Energy Rating software is more than just simply entering data and receiving a result from the Home Energy Rating software. Using the software also requires an understanding and a through analysis of the data output, to ensure that a highly desirable and cost effective outcome can be achieved.

Once all the relevant data has been uploaded into the system the home will then receive a result ranging from 0 Star or up to 10 Star. The Star Rating is based upon an estimate of the homes requirements for heating and cooling energy, in order to make it thermally comfortable for its occupants.
Achieving a 10 Star rating is the most desired outcome, this result reflects the fact that there will be no need or very little need for any mechanical heating or cooling systems. Achieving the highly desirable 10 Star outcome comes down to the fact that great consideration during the design process that the design of the residential dwelling is to be thermally efficient.

The Home Energy Rated System can assist and help the owner and its occupants to have a greater understanding and awareness of the buildings thermal performance.
In turn this can lead to smarter and more desirable design choices, which will assist in achieving a greater savings on energy bills along with its added environmental benefits.

Achieving a higher Home Energy Star Rating will namely be determined by some of the following factors.
Firstly and foremost it will come down to how your house has been designed this will take into account locations and orientations of all the rooms and how they are to be used. Followed by the types of materials that have been used in construction and the location of the build. It does not however take into account the use and rating of any electrical appliances. Apart from the installation of ceiling fans and the effect it has on air flow.

When the model is created within the Energy Rating software (firstrate5) by accredited assessor, it will simulate the following items which will determine the Star Rating result.

  • Size and function of the rooms
  • Size and openings to the building ie. windows/doors
  • Construction materials
  • Construction type
  • Orientation of the dwelling
  • Location

Once all the required information has been entered into Home Energy Rating software it will then be able to provide us with a result as to the amount of heating and cooling which will be required to keep the occupants comfortable. It achieves this by simulating how the local climate heats and cools the house every hour of everyday of the year.
The Home Energy Rating software used calculates the star rating by calculating the homes internal temperatures. It assumes that the occupants are using the house effectively ie. opening and closing any doors or windows at desirable times whilst utilising the effectiveness of any blinds and or awnings this is all calculated before the use of any heating and or cooling systems. The outcome of the Home Energy Star Rating is then derived from the total estimated annual heating and cooling requirements of the dwelling, then determining a Star Rating ranging from 0 to 10.

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